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Hopalong Cassidy (Vee, 1948 series) #7, 1948?


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Introducing Larry Cleland

In 1946, during the post-war boom in Australian comics, the Vee Publishing Co. entered the market with an extensive programme of US Fawcett reprints. This company became Larry Cleland Pty. Ltd around 1949/50, although Stanley Larry Cleland had been associated with the company since its foundation.

Cleland has no publishing record prior to Vee Publishing, and it is unknown how he secured the rights to Fawcett's material. However, the company quickly expanded its range of black and white reprint editions to include a dozen or more humour, super hero and western comics.

While the first few issues included a "Vee Publishing" logo, the Fawcett name and branding dominated, with styling and trade dress similar to the US originals. Early editions even report Fawcett's senior editorial staff (Executive Editor Will Lieberson, Editor V.A. Provisiero) on the inner front cover.

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