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Casper the Friendly Ghost (Rosnock, 1982 series) [R1261], 1982


1/05/2013: AusReprints is ten! The first static web pages went live late April 2003, before the site was converted to a database in December 2003.

28/04/2013: H. John Edwards/Action Comics publications have now been grouped, with a brief historical introduction.

20/07/2011: Some secrets of Ayers & James uncovered. What does it have to do with Magazine Management and other publishers?

9/04/2011: Atlas Publications promoted to the main menu, with the majority of its comics output now listed.

14/10/2010: Larry Cleland, Australia's Fawcett partner, now has its own menu item.

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Introducing Ayers & James

The Australian run of Classics Illustrated, commencing in 1947, is Ayers & James most enduring and famous comics legacy, although the company is responsible for thousands of comics from the 1940s until the 1970s.

Most of its publishing output is unrecognised today, disguised behind diverse trading names or successors—such as Red Circle Press, Illustrated Publications, Approved Publications and others.

Ayers & James only gradually transitioned into comics publishing. The company was founded some time before 1916, operating initially as an importer of diverse consumer products from the United States.

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