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The dating for most comics on this site is an estimate—very few Australian reprints included publication dates. I have developed dating guidelines based on available information.

This is a summary of my conclusions, which can help you date your comics. Please read read the details of the dating problem to understand why the following estimates may not be accurate. Also, some series did not follow this patter, particularly those that were not super-hero focused or were mainly non-DC reprints.

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Pages/pricing and other changes

Estimated dates


No logo

Jan 1947
Apr 1949

36 colour pages for 6d1947 to Feb 1950There appears to be a period of overlap where some issues had the Colour Comics logo while other series remained unbranded.
Blue Star1947KG Murray produced various one-shot comics with Australian work under the generic "Blue Star" branding, including Blue Star All-Australian Comic, The Blue Ray, Man Out of Space, Treasure Planet and Valley of Doom.
Various1940s to 1970sKG Murray produced various comics without any branding through until the 1970s, particularly series that were not DC reprints. Examples include The Adventures of Devil Doone until the late 1950s, All Favourites Comic Annual and All Love Romantic Stories.

Colour Comics

May 1949
May 1973

26-36 B&W pages for 6d1949 to Feb 1951Comics appear to have gradually reduced in page count, but transistion dates are not certain.
24-28 B&W pages for 8dMar 1951 to Feb 1955
24-28 B&W pages for 9dMar 1955 to Dec 1956
148 B&W pages for 3/61955 to Jan 1960
100 colour pages for 2/61956/57?
32 colour pages for 1/-Jun 1956 to Apr 1957Superman was in colour from issue 109 (June 1956) to 119 (April 1957). Colour Batman issues appear to have been produced during the same period, whild some series were in colour for shorter periods or not at all.
100 B&W pages for 2/-Jul 1956 to Apr 1965
28-32 B&W pages for 1/-Jan 1957 to Oct 1959
Use of 100 page strip at spineFeb 1958 to Apr 1965
100 B&W pages for 2/61958 to April 1965This higher pricing was used for romance comics.
116 B&W pages for 2/-Jan 1960 to Sep 1961Some series were 116 pages for shorter time.
Use of 116 page strip at spineJan 1960 to Sep 1961Only some series went to 116 pages for varying lengths of time.
164 B&W pages for 3/6Feb 1960 to Apr 1966
84 B&W pages for 2/-May 1965 to Aug 1965
84 B&W pages for 20c or 2/-Aug 1965 to May 1967
Dual pricing with 2/- dominantAug 1965 to Jan 1966While the changes in dual pricing occurred across most major series, there are variations with some series.
Dual pricing with 20c dominantFeb 1966 to Jul 1966While the changes in dual pricing occurred across most major series, there are variations with some series.
164 B&W pages for 3/6 or 35cMay 1966 to Apr 1967
Dual pricing with 2/- dominantAug 1966 to Mar 1967While the changes in dual pricing occurred across most major series, there are variations with some series.
Dual pricing with 20c dominantApr 1967 to May 1967While the changes in dual pricing occurred across most major series, there are variations with some series.
164 B&W pages for 35cMay 1967 to Aug 1970
84 B&W pages for 20cJun 1967 to Jun 1969
68 B&W pages for 20cJul 1969 to Jun 1972
52 B&W pages for 20cFeb 1971 to May 1973There are some strange pricing variations. See All Star Adventure Comic 79.
68 B&W pages for 25cJul 1972 to May 1973

Planet Comics (1)

Jun 1973
Nov 1975

52 B&W pages for 20cJun 1973 to Oct 1974The Colour Comics logo appears to have continued for up to a year (possibly until around May 1974) on some no-super-hero series that did not adopt the "Planet Comics" logo.
68 B&W pages for 25cJun 1973 to Oct 1974
100 B&W pages for 40c1974 to 1976
Green LanternJune 1974The Original Green Lantern starts without Planet branding.
52 B&W pages for 25cNov 1974 to Nov 1975
68 B&W pages for 30cNov 1974 to Nov 1975
52 B&W pages for 30c1974?Some non-super hero comics were produced without Planet Comics branding and sold for this higher price. For example, see Battle Action.
Trade Practices Act advertisementFeb 1975 to Jul 1975Some comics appear to have run the ad slightly longer.
Advertised page count excludes coversFrom Nov 1975From this time, comics are advertised with a page count excluding the covers: 96 pages rather than 100 pages; 80 pages rather than 84 pages; 64 pages rather than 68 pages; and 48 pages rather than 52 pages.

Planet Comics (2)

Dec 1975
Mar 1979

Long-running 1960s series endDec 1975 to When the new logo was introduced, some on-going series also changed titles, with numbering continuing. Superman Presents Tip Top Comic Monthly became Batman; Superman Presents Wonder Comic Monthly became Wonder Woman; and Superman Presents World's Finest Comic Monthly became The Flash.
100 B&W pages for 40cDec 1975 to Sep 1976
52 B&W pages for 30cDec 1975 to Jun 1977
68 B&W pages for 35cDec 1975 to Jun 1976
36 colour pages for 30c1976 to 1977These issues do not include the standard Planet Comics logo -- it is replaced with a circular logo with "All Color" text.
100 page albums beginJul 1976 to At this time, many 52 and 68 page comics were converted to 100 pages, with the word "Album" included in the title.
68 B&W pages for 40cAug 1976 to 1977
100 B&W pages for 50cDec 1976 to 1977
52 B&W pages for 40c1977 to 1978?
68 B&W pages for 50c1977 to 1978?Romance, western and war comics were produced at this time without Planet Comics branding.
84 B&W pages for 60c1977 to 1978?
100 B&W pages for 75cOct 1977 to Mar 1979
All Color Planet ComicsJan 1977 to Dec 1979The standard Planet Comics logo was omitted and distinctive branding used on the Superman and Batman and Robin full colour series.
36 colour pages for 35c1978 to Sept 1979
68 B&W pages for 50cJul 1978 to Mar 1979

Murray Publishers

Apr 1979
Dec 1979

100 B&W pages for 75cApr 1979 to Apr 1979
68 B&W pages for 50cApr 1979 to Jan 1980There was some crossover with the second Planet and the first Murray logo, around April to July 1979 -- see Super Adventure Album 12, Planet Series 2, and Superman Presents Superboy Comic 116.
100 B&W pages for 80cMay 1979 to Jan 1980
36 colour pages for 40cSep 1979 to Jan 1980

Murray Romance Library

Jan 1980
Jun 1982

84 B&W pages for 60c1980-1981?The dates for use of this logo are uncertain. I have assumed a timeframe covering the red Murray Comics logo and into mid 1983 when the black Murray logo was used.
100 B&W pages for 95c1980?-1982

Murray Comics (Red)

Feb 1980
Feb 1982

68 B&W pages for 60c1980The red "Murray the Cat" logo also appears on some later comics (eg, Superman 3, Bat-Villains and Batman and the Cat Woman 2). All these are 84 B&W pages for 99 cents.
100 B&W pages for 90cFeb 1980 to Apr 1981
"Super Easy-To-Win Contest" on cover.Apr 1980 to Jun 1980"Contest closes June 30, 1980" "Results will appear in Batman Comic No. 18 (Oct. Issue)."
132 B&W pages for $21981?
84 B&W pages for 70c1981 to 1982
100 B&W pages for 95cMay 1981 to Feb 1982

Murray Comics (Black)

Mar 1982
Feb 1983

100 B&W pages for 95cMar 1982 to Jun 1982
100 B&W pages for 99cJul 1982 to Dec 1982
84 B&W pages for 99cJan 1983 to Feb 1983

Federal Comics (Murray the Cat)

Mar 1983
Mar 1983

84 B&W pages for 99cMar 1983 to Mar 1983The first Federal Comics logo continued to include Murray the Cat with the words across the top only. For the first time, dates were included on the cover of these reprints.

Federal Comics (Murray the Cat 2)

Apr 1983
May 1983

84 B&W pages for 99cApr 1983 to May 1983This variation, with "Federal Comics" above and below the "Murray the Cat" log, appears to have been used for a very short time only -- possibly just a month or two around June 1983.

Federal Comics

Jul 1983
May 1984

84 B&W pages for 99cJul 1983 to May 1984
100 B&W pages for $1.25Jul 1983 to May 1984

Australian Edition DC

Jun 1984
Jul 1985

32 (36?) colour pages for 99cJun 1984 to Jul 1985
84 B&W pages for 99cJun 1984 to Jul 1985
36 colour pages for 99cJan 1985 to Jul 1985
52 colour pages for $1.25Jan 1985 to Jul 1985


Aug 1985
Jun 1986

68 B&W pages for 99c1985
36 colour pages for 99c1985
68 B&W pages for $1.251986 to Jun 1986
36 colour pages for $1.251986 to Jun 1986