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Australian Comic Reprints

Australian Disney Comics —Featuring Australian reprints of Disney comics by W.G.Publications Pty. Ltd.

Notes from the Junkyard —Reflections on Australian reprint comics, including KG Murray, Gredown and others.

Conan: the Australian Publishing History —A rundown of the publisher-jumping reprints of Conan in Australia.

The History of Newton Comics —A history of the often over-looked Australian comic book company of the mid 1970s, complete with scans of rarely seen covers. (...along with other articles and reflections on Australian comics.)

Anthony's "Super Comics" —Anthony's photos and Australian reprint covers scanned from his collection.

The Deep Woods —The Phantom's Home on the Internet, including Australian reprint.

Some other Australian comic-related websites...

AussieComics: Helping (mainly Australian) creators make great comics and helping readers to find them.

Comics Australia: Archiving, promoting and resourcing work from the Aussie comic book scene.

Comics Cartoons: A comics and cartoons directory.

Comic Book Strips Gallery —Gallerys of international comic strip reprints, including BC, Blondie, Garfield, Wizard of Id, Hagar and more.