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Do you know more? Zip Comics

The usual references don't mention 'The Oil Seekers' by Tony Rafty, which seems to predate his 'first' comic for NSW Bookstall.

16 Jul 2018

Who is Hottie Lahm?

Most known for iconic dog Snifter during a long career at KG Murray, Lahm created Snowy McGann to fill the 1951 Ginger Meggs gap at The Sun.

14 Jul 2018

Censorship 2: Straight Arrow #17

Was a provocative pose during poker too much for Aus editors? Or were there late changes to the original art for ‘Uproar’ in the US?

11 Jul 2018

Censorship by colour: Battle! #24

This cover lacks intensity without Stan Goldberg's colours. With a dead soldier also deleted, it seems a deliberate censorship choice.

8 Jul 2018

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Topix announced "Catholic comic book now on sale"

Topix announced

A brand-new wholesome comic book hit the stands in early 1954, according to Sydney's Catholic Weekly on 11 February 1954 and Melbourne's Catholic Advocate on 25 February 1954. This is a product of its time, battling against the threat of comic books during the moral panic and censorship of the 1950s.

Topix was, the papers insist, a decent answer to the other rubbish on the bookshelves, with artwork of the highest quality and absorbing interest. "It's purpose is fivefold":

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