Murray Comics—A Brief History by Kevin Patrick

KGM abandoned their solo character titles

By the early 1950s, American titles completely dominated KGM's comic book line, which now bore the somewhat misleading colophon 'Colour Comics Pty. Ltd.' on their covers.

Early KGM titles were devoted to individual characters, such as >Superboy (who first appeared in DC Comics' Adventure Comics), Green Arrow,11In issues of Superman, Batman and Superboy....   Johnny Quick22Mainly in issues of Super Adventure Comic, but also issues of Batman and Superman....   and The Adventures of Congo Bill (all of which debuted in DC Comics' More Fun Comics during the 1940s).

Typically, these titles would feature one or two stories starring the lead character, followed by back-up strips. Early KGM reprints frequently cropped the original artwork to accommodate advertisements and sometimes printed two pages of artwork per page in landscape format, just to squeeze an extra story into an issue!

During the mid-to-late 1950s, KGM appears to have abandoned their solo character titles, with the exceptions of Superman and Batman, and launched a string of giant-sized anthologies. Numbering anywhere between 64-120 pages, these comics gave readers dozens of stories per issue and were priced between 1/- and 2/- shillings, depending on their size.

This decision clearly proved successful, as KGM continued to follow this format well into the early 1970s! Some of the longer running titles from this period included: Tip-Top Monthly (120+ issues); Mighty Comics (c.1958/129+issues); World's Finest Monthly (100+ issues); Century Plus Comic (102+ issues); Super Giant (18+ issues); All Favourites (88+ issues); Mammoth Annual (12+ issues); All Star Adventure Comic (c.1961/89+ issues) and The Hundred Comic (c.1956/95+ issues)

(At this point, it should be noted that the publication dates and number of issues per title are estimates only, given that most KGM titles remained undated until the mid-to-late 1970s!)


In issues of Superman, Batman and Superboy.
Mainly in issues of Super Adventure Comic, but also issues of Batman and Superman.