Murray Comics—A Brief History by Kevin Patrick

New titles saw Marvel, Charlton and other reprints

America's Marvel Comics had not been reprinted locally since the mid-1960s, when Horwitz Publications ceased their line of Australian reprints, such as Sgt. Fury, Kid Colt Outlaw and Strange Tales.

Strangely enough, several new Marvel titles, such as Warlock and Werewolf at Night, began appearing in KGM's Super Giant (18+ issues) during the mid-1970s!

Non-superhero titles also continued to be published under the Planet Comics banner, including Combat Zone Album, along with several Westerns, including Bumper Western Comic, Ringo and The Fastest Gun Western (36+ issues).

KGM's line expanded in the mid-1970s to include new reprint titles from other American comics' publishers. These included local editions of Judomaster, Yang, Vengeance Squad, War Heroes, Grand Prix and Monster Hunters, all of which were originally published by Charlton Comics between 1963-1979.

KGM published local editions of Warren Publications' popular black & white horror comics, such as Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella, all of which featured advisory labels stating they were 'Rated M for Mature Readers.'

The late 1970s saw KGM briefly return to full-colour comics, arguably in response to competition from colour television, which debuted in Australia in 1976. KGM published colour editions of Superman and Batman and Robin, along with several titles based on Hanna-Barberra's popular TV cartoon shows, including Top Cat, The Jetsons and Huckleberry Hound.