The Vroom by James Zee

The Vroom's Publication History

The Vroom has only been published definitively in Australia and France, although there is evidence that the series was translated from another language, probably Spanish.

In various stories, the group's name is written as "The Vromms" (including text on the cover of Climax Adventure Comic 20 and as part of the artwork in Planet Series 2 No. 10 (World of Speed)), suggesting a version of the series exists under that name.


Les Vroum was published in Carabina Slim 95 to 111, 1975-1976 (Aventures et Voyages [Mon Journal]). A total of 14 episodes were published.


The Vroom was published in Climax Adventure Comic 19-21 (KG Murray, Australia) and Super Giant Album 22 and 25 to 28 (KG Murray, Australia).

A further episode appeared in Planet Series 2 No. 10 (World of Speed) (KG Murray, Australia).

Not all of the series was published in Australia. To search the AusReprints database for The Vroom stories, click here.