Ringo, Big River Lawman by James Zee

Global Publishing History 2


Gringo was printed haphazardly by Edi Europ/Ed. SEPP during the 1960s, in series such as Mission Spéciale (1963); Danger (1966); Agent Spécial (1967); Flash Gordon 2; Bill Barnes 35; Sierra 7 and 11; Saloon 4; Gringo 2, 6 and 28 (1968); Corral 3 and 8; Corrida 10; Torpilles 8; Colt 51 and 62; Requins 3 and 7 (1966); Tigres 10; and Sélection Western 1 and 3.11wikipf.net....  

From 1970, the second series of Totem (Aventures & Voyages, France) consistently published Gringo stories in issues 1-14 and 17-44.22Limited information is available on Totem at www.pimpf.org and wikipf.net....   Totem 37-39 and 44 printed stories by Suso, with the earlier issues probably printing work by Giménez. The stories were not printed in order, with work by Giménez also in issue 40.


In the 1970s, stories were included in some issues of Buffalo (Semic Press AB, Sweden) and Tomahawk (Semic Press AB, Sweden) in the 1970s.33www.comics.org....   Magnum Comics (Pandora Press, Sweden) included only one episode of a "new series" Gringos in the late 1980, which could be Gringo as the comic also included Gimenez's Delta 99.44www.comics.org....  


The Norwegan Phantom publications, Fantomet (Semic AS, Norway and Romanforlaget, Norway), published Gringo 1971 to 1973. 55www.comics.org....   It was in Colt (Semic AS, Norway) in the early 1980s.66www.comics.org....  


A nine issue Gringo (Interpresse, Denmark) series seems to have been published in 1967-68.77www.interpresse.dk...  


The KG Murray Ringo series ran from 1967 to 1977, including an increasing number of repeated printings toward the end. There were also one-off reprints in other KG Murray comics, including Climax Adventure Comic and Wild West Album.

A number of one-shot comics using the original Gringo title were also published in Australia by Gredown in the late 1970s, such as Blazing Six Guns, Strange Tales of the Wild West and Double Barrel Western.

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