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The Vroom are a troupe of stunt motorbike riders in the Dumbo Circus who play the role of vigilantes when they encounter criminals and spies in the cities they visit. The Australian printings did not occur in the same order as the French publication and, with several untitled and retitled stories, have not been fully matched yet. The series was distributed internationally by Spain's Selecciones Ilustradas agency.

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Show/hide 1.  Young Man on a Big Motor  (Attaque à main armée)
Show/hide 2.  Dead on Five  (Course contre la mort)
Show/hide 3.  Untitled  ([Original title unknown])
Show/hide 4.  The Guardian Angel  (Les anges noirs)
Show/hide 5.  Untitled  (Top Secret)
Show/hide 6.  Untitled  ([Original title unknown])
Show/hide 7.  Memories of a Spy  ([Original title unknown])
Show/hide 8.  Fear  ([Original title unknown])
Show/hide 9.  Favour for Favour  (L'être venu d'ailleurs)
Show/hide 10.  Eyes in the Darkness  (Deux yeux dans la nuit)
Show/hide 11.  Murder Above All Suspicion  (Hold-Up à Bashton)
Show/hide 12.  Translates as "Armed hold up"  (Attaque à main armée)
Show/hide 13.  Translates as "Race against death"  (Course contre la mort)
Show/hide 14.  Translates as "Black angels"  (Les anges noirs)
Show/hide 15.  Translates as "Top secret"  (Top secret)
Show/hide 16.  Untitled  (Unknown)
Show/hide 17.  Translates as "Vengeance"  (La vengeance)
Show/hide 18.  Translates as "Dangerous Mission"  (Mission dangereuse)
Show/hide 19.  Translates as "Raid on Bashton"  (Hold-Up à Bashton)
Show/hide 20.  Translates as "Fugitives"  (Les évadés)
Show/hide 21.  Translates as "Being from elsewhere"  (L'être venu d'ailleurs)
Show/hide 22.  Translates as "Two eyes in the night"  (Deux yeux dans la nuit)
Show/hide 23.  Translates as "The Accident"  (L'accident)
Show/hide 24.  Translates as "Camp Montoro"  (Le camp Montoro)
Show/hide 25.  Translates as "Operation Niña Bonita"  (Opération Niña Bonita)