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Known dates
December 1936 - October 1996
Adam Magazine Pty. Ltd.
Australian House and Garden Magazine Pty. Ltd.
Cavalcade Magazine Pty Ltd
Color Comics Pty. Ltd.
Colour Comics Pty. Ltd.
Country Magazine Pty Ltd
Fashion Publications Pty. Ltd.
Gregory Publishing Co.
Gregory's Guides and Maps, Pty. Ltd.
Hudson Publications
K. G. Murray
K. G. Murray Publishing Company
KG Murray
Magazine Services Pty. Ltd.
Man Junior Magazine Pty. Ltd.
Man Magazine Pty. Ltd.
Murray Publishers Pty. Ltd.
Periodical Publications Pty Ltd
Photoplay Magazine Pty. Ltd.
Pro-Art Productions
Sport Magazine Pty Ltd
The K. G. Murray Publishing Co.
The K. G. Murray Publishing Company
The K. G. Murray Publishing Company Pty Ltd
The K.G. Publishing Co.
True Romance Magazine Pty Ltd
True Story Magazine Pty. Ltd.

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