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Known dates
January 1657 - 1972
"The Sunday Times" Newspaper Co.
"Triad" Magazine of Australia Ltd.
"Truth" and "Sportsman" Limited
99.94 Editions
A Summit Souvenir
A.B.O. Publications, Ltd.
Aaargh! Comics
Advertiser Newspapers Ltd.
Allen & Unwin
Allen & Unwin; Haynes
Allen&Kemsley Publishing
Allied Authors and Artists
Allied Enterprises
American-Australasian Magazines Pty. Ltd.
Appletree Designs
Army Education Service
Arthur D. Gorfain
Ashworth Publications
Aussie Limited
Austin Press Pty Ltd
Australian Army Education Service
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Christian Cartoonists Community
Australian Constitutional League
Australian Electoral Commission
Australian Federal Council of the Royal Life Saving Council
Australian Gas Association
Australian Imperial Force
Australian Labor Party
Australian Senior Publications
Australian Visual Education Pty. Ltd.
Australian Women's Mirror
Australian Workers' Union
Avon Publications
B.B.F. Art Advertising and Publishing Company
Bad Art Studios
Baker Publishing Pty. Ltd.
Balcom Books
Ballards Pty. Ltd.
Bandai Australia
Barker and Company
Bay Books
Beaconsfield Productions Pty. Ltd
Belmont Books
Black House Comics
Bob Dyer
Bolsilibros Bruguera
Boomer Books
Boomerang Publications
Box Tea Books
Bradford Displays Pty. Ltd.
Brian Doyle
Budget Books Pty. Ltd.
Buzz Productions
Camp Publications
Cane Publications
Capricorn Book Company
Carnage Impact Comics
Centennial Publications
Challis Publications
Clarendon Publishing Company
Clarson, Massina, & Co.
Coca Cola
Cold Angel Press
Colorgravure Publications
Comic Editing
Commonwealth Publications Pty. Ltd.
Communist Party of Australia
Consolidated Beverage Co.
Coronation Press Pty. Ltd.
Cowtown Comics Group
Cowtown/Equinox Comics
Cumberland Newspapers Pty. Ltd.
Cyclone Comics
D. Crick
D.B. Publications
D.H. Lewis Publishing
Daily News
Daily Telegraph Pictorial Limited
Dark Oz Productions
David Syme & Co.
David Vodicka
Dawfox Productions
Dead Numbat Productions
Department of Adult Education, University of Sydney
Department of Politics, University of Adelaide
Department of Tutorial Classes, University of Sydney
Dickcheese Comics
Dillon Naylor
Drawing Away
Duncan-Gouws Publications Pty. Ltd.
Dymock's Book Arcade Ltd.
E. E. Jolliffe
E. J. McAlister & Co.
E. Jolliffe
E. Porter
E. W. Cole
Eddie Campbell Comics
Edgar Lambert Press
Edizioni Fratelli Spada
Egmont Publishing
Emvee Publishing Co.
Equinox Comics
Eric Jolliffe
Eric Porter
Ernest Selby
Eurake Press
Eureka! Publications
Express Media Group, a division of Express Publications Pty Ltd
F. Bates
F. H. Booth & Son Pty. Ltd.
Family Approved
Fatty Finn Publications
Federal Capital Press
Felix the Cat Enterprises
Fishing News
Flame Publications
Fleetwood Pub.
Fly by Night Graphics
Flying Pineapple Media Pty Limited
Fontana Books
Frank Maconochie
Fred Ritter
G. T. C. Hubble
Gardner Publications
Gary Clark Cartoonist
Georgian House
Gestalt Publishing
Gilbert Shelton
Globe Publishing Co.
Gordon & Gotch (Australasia), Ltd.
Greater Union Screen Entertainment Pty Limited
Green Comix
Greenhouse Publications Pty Ltd
Greenop & Greenhaigh
Gunn & Taylor Pty. Ltd.
H. B. Armstrong
H. E. Harris and Co.
H. Lahm
H.B. Armstrong
Hare & Thare
Hawker Brownlow Education
Hazard Publications
Hazardous Publications
HEL Productions
Helix Publications
Henry Kenneth Prior
Herald-Sun Readers Book Club
Hesperian Press
Hey Day Comics
Hill End Publications
Hollywood Comics
Home Grown Media
Humour House Pty. Ltd.
Hutchinson Publishing Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hyland House Publishing Pty Ltd
Ibis Imprints Pty. Limited
Imperial Printing Co. Ltd.
International Distributors
Invincible Press
Issue One Comics
J. M. Publishers Pty. Ltd.
James Merchant
James Standish
Jatkins Publishing Co.
Jeff Martin
John Fairfax & Sons Pty., Limited
John Fairfax and Sons Limited
Jolliffe Publications Pty. Ltd
Jolliffe Studios Pty Ltd
Jons Productions Pty. Ltd.
Joseph Swanson Wilkinson
Joshua B. Powers, Inc.
Kaleidoscope Publishing
Kangaroo Press
Kellogg (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
Ken Maynard
Knocklofty Press
Koo Fry Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd
Kookabura Productions
Kookaburra Publishers
Kookaburra Technical Publications
Kronos Komics
Kylandra Pty. Limited
L. Clapperton
Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd
Lapis Locus Comics
Laurent Publishing
Lee Saxon Enterprises
Limitless R Rae Productions
Little Publications
Local Act Comics
London Editions Magazines
Longman Australia
Lonsdale & Bartholomew (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
Lothian Books
Lowell Publishing Co.
Lush Studios
M. I. and K. M. Bertram
Mackinnon Publications
Madden Productions
Main Publishing Co.
Mallon Publishing
Marchant & Co. Pty. Ltd.
Marion Books
Mark Sutherland
Mason Stewart Publishing Pty Ltd
May Gibbs
Media Feature Services
Media Press
Melbourne Chamber of Commerce
Mercury Newspaper
Meteor Publications
Milk Shadow Books
Minotaur Books
Mobil Oil New Zealand Ltd.
Moderne Printing
Molly Dye
Monarch Publications Inc. Pty . Ltd
Morris & Walker Pty. Ltd.
N.S.W. Bookstall Co. Pty. Limited
National Museum of Australia Press
National Press Pty Limited
Neptune Oil Co. Pty. Ltd.
Nestlé Company
New Age Graphics
New Century Press Pty. Ltd.
New South Wales Bookstall Co., Ltd.
Newcastle Morning Herald
Newsouth Publishing
Next Big Thing Comics
nextmedia Pty Ltd
Niche Press
Nigel Johnson
No publisher listed
Northyork Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd.
Opal Press Australia
Orin Books
Oswald Ziegler Publications Pty. Ltd.
Other Comics
Otter Press Pty Ltd
Ozone Studios
P. Leyden
P. Zanetti Illustrations
Pacific Publications
Pancake Press
Pastime Publishing Pty. Ltd.
Pat Woolley
Patterson & Beck Ltd
Paul White Productions
Pegasus Group
Penguin Books
Pertinent Publishing Co.
Peter Leyden Publishing House
Phosphorescent Comics
Phosphorescent Media Pty. Ltd.
Pickering Promotions Pty Ltd
Pictorial Newspapers
Pikita Press
Pinnacle Press
Ponsonby Press Comix
Press Feature Service
Project Publishing Pty. Limited
Project Publishing Pty. Ltd.
Publications Limited
Publicity Engraving Coy.
Publicity Press
Pulsar Press
Queensland Health Department
Queensland Newspapers
Queensland Newspapers Pty. Ltd.
Quo Productions Pty Ltd
R. M. Rule
R. R. Perry
R.D.R. Publishing Company
Rat Race Comix
Readers Book Club
Reg Nessem Publishing Co.
Reverie Publications
Rheem Australia
Ribald Publications
Rigby Ltd.
Robert N. Myers
Robert Watsford
Robertson & Mullens Limited
Ronald E. Graham (Publishers) Ltd.
Royal N.S.W. Bowling Association
S. John Bacon
S.R.I. Publishing Co. Inc.
Samuel Young
Schools Publishing House
Schwartz & Wilkinson
Scobie, Bray Publications
Scribe Publications
Scripts Publications (Hong Kong Branch)
Second Shore
Sequence Productions Pty Ltd
Service Printers
Shanamation Comics
Shell Company of Australia Ltd.
Shepherd & Newman
Smith's Newspapers Ltd.
Soundtracts Publishing Pty Ltd
Southern Aurora Comics
Souvenir Press
Squashed Comics
Standard Newspapers Pty. Ltd.
Stanley Pitt & Associates Creative Enterprises
Status Comics
Steve Carter's Comic Nasties
Streetwize Comics Ltd
Strexel (S) Pte Ltd.
Studio 4
Sun Books Pty. Ltd.
Swamp Productions Pty. Ltd.
Swan Publishing Pty Ltd
Syd Miller Publications
Syd Nicholls
Syd Nicholls Publishing Company
Syd. Miller
Sydney Newspapers Ltd.
Syme Magazines
T. B. Publications
T.J. Murphy
Taro Publishing Company
Taylor Chemical Company
Telegraph Newspaper Company Ltd.
The Argus and Australasian Ltd.
The Australasian Voice of Fatima
The Australian Chucklers' Weekly Pty. Ltd.
The Australian Electoral Commission
The Bulletin Newspaper Co. Pty. Ltd.
The Cartoon Newspaper Co. of NSW
The Catholic Press Newspaper Co. Ltd.
The Comet Publishing Co., Ltd.
The Courier Mail
The Currawong Publishing Co.
The Daily Telegraph Newspaper Company
The Educational Press Pty. Ltd.
The Gadfly Publishing Company
The Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd
The Jacaranda Press
The Land Newspaper Ltd.
The Meteor Publications and Publicity Co. Pty. Ltd.
The W. H. Honey Publishing Company
Third World Bookshop
Thompson Media Group
Thorn Publications Pty. Ltd.
Tomato Press
Tony Martin Sales Pty Ltd
Tracks Publishing Co. Pty Ltd
Transpacific Magazines Ltd
Triad Magazine Ltd.
Trielle Corporation
Trielle Komix a Division of Trielle Corporation
Try Society
Unimex Marketing Company Pty. Ltd.
Unknown Australian Publisher
Unknown New Zealand Publisher
V. Munro
Victory Publicity Pty. Ltd.
View Productions
Vincent Patrick Taylor
Vumps Proprietors
W. C. Penfold & Co. Pty. Ltd.
W. J. Carroll
W. J. Martin
Waite and Bull
Walker Press
Ward Lock & Co. Limited
Warwick Advertising Services
Watkin Wynne
Webster Publications
Westbury Promotion Planning Pty Ltd
Western Colour Print Pty. Ltd
Whitman Press Pty. Ltd.
Whitmarks Ltd.
Wild & Woolley Pty Ltd.
Willo & Billo Publishing Company
Wilson and Mackinnon
Winn & Co.
Wirraway Publishing Company
Wollumbin Press Pty. Ltd.
Wotsleft Books
Wylie Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd.
Yaffa Media Pty. Ltd.

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