Blay Navarro Spain


In the early years of Selecciones Ilustradas, Navarro was the organisation's accountant and a trusted confident of founder Josep Toutain.

He was a good script writer who anonymously wrote many of the syndicated comics (possibly Nosy Parker). In 1959, he assisted José Beà with the creation of Johnny Galaxia (Space Ace).

He is credited as writer in a number of comics during the sixties (Toray) and seventies (Ediciones Ursus).

In the 1970s, he also translated some Marvel comics into Spanish for Ediciones Vértice and DC comics for Editorial Bruguera. 

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Climax Adventure Comic (Sport Magazine, 1968 series) #13 (September 1973)
Untitled [The Tentacles of Umbra] (Johnny Galaxy)
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