Harry Wann Australia

1897 in Australia
27 March 1952 in Australia
54-55 years
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Also known as

Harry Halliday Wann

Henry Patrick Wann (birth name)


Harry Wann (1922)

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Wann began diving in 1914 aged 16, became a champion diver and led a champion diving troop from 1924 to 1932. He trained and famously beat Olympic diver Dick Eve, was a friend of Australian boxer Les Darcy, and retained sporting connections throughout his life—including having his hand bitten by a shark in a fishing incident in 1951.

Wann studied art at the Julian Ashton School of drawing. It is possible his earliest published work was in Aussie the Cheerful Monthly in 1920. From that time he provided illustrations, cartoons and caricatures for publications including Sydney Sportsman, Truth, Daily Pictorial, Reveille (journal of the Returned and Services League of Australia NSW Branch), The Sun and Wireless Weekly. He was on staff at Associated Newspapers from 1928.

In the 1930s, he did a caricature of Jimmy Bancks (creator of 'Ginger Meggs'). The pair featured together at benefit for the Anti-Tuberculosis Association on 26 October 1935, signing autographs and drawing quick sketches (http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article231181348).

He had a regular spot in World's News, including both illustrations and text features. His series included 'Fishy Facts' (1934-1936, 1939-1943), 'Further Facts (1935-1936), 'Curiosities' (1936-1937), 'World Wonders' (1936), 'Sea Stories' (1937), 'Things to Come' (1937), 'Harry Wann's Modern Champions' (1937-1938) and 'Harry Wann's Celebrities' (1938-1939). He subsequently did a similar non-fiction feature for The Sun, 'Our Wild Life' (1945-1947).

From the late 1930s, he illustrated many text stories for World's News and in the 1940s he illustrated several children's books—Loosikins, Gurriki, and Amazing Australia. In 1935, he was shortlisted for the Archibald Prize for the painting 'Miss Spicer'.

In 1952, he traveled to Adelaide to exhibit his oil paintings at the Curzon Gallery. While painting in a rural area near Adelaide, he was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
"Johnnie" You're a Bird! (Unknown, 1930?) (1930)
No title recorded
Book: Comic story
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #1942 (25 February 1939)
The Best Policy
Magazine: Text story
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #1962 (15 July 1939)
Harry Wann's Celebrities
Magazine: Illustration
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #2102 (21 March 1942)
Fishy Facts (Fishy Facts)
Magazine: Comic story
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #2135 (7 November 1942)
On Your Way Partner
Magazine: Text story
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #2135 (7 November 1942)
No title recorded (Fishy Facts)
Magazine: Comic story
World's News (ANL, 1901 series) #2139 (5 December 1942)
Untitled (Fishy Facts)
Magazine: Comic story
Amazing Australia (John Sands, 1943?) (1943)
No title recorded
Book: Cover
Loosikins (Laurent, 1946?) (1946)
No title recorded
Children's book: Cover
Loosikins (Laurent, 1946?) (1946)
Children's book: Illustration



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