Sheldon Moldoff United States

14 April 1920 in United States
29 February 2012 in United States
91 years
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Sheldon Moldoff was the first creator of horror stories for EC Comics.

Additional biographical information found in:

Amazing Heroes (Fantagraphics, 1981 Series) #130 (December 1987) and an interview in Fanboy! Journal of Comic Fandom (Jam Comics Group, 1993 series) #2 (1994).


Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder daily (Ledger Syndicate, 1966 series) 1966-05-29 - 1966-08-14;

Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Sunday (Ledger Syndicate, 1966 series) 1966-05-30 - 1966-08-06.

Moldoff worked with Mort Meskin on the The Little Woman comic page for True Story Magazine (Macfadden Publications, 1919 series), from about 1950 to about 1952.

He also did writing, pencils, and inks for sports and gag cartoons during an unknown period of time.

Moldoff did pencil and ink work for advertising comics for companies included: Burger King; Continental Cablevision; Dairy Queen; General Nutrition Co.; Los Angeles Dodgers; Traveler's Insurance; Oakland Athletics; Quincy Steak House; and Seaescape. (Biography from GCD.)

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #1 (September 1978)
Chapter 3: Dr. Quad’s Secret Weapon (Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Bumper Batcomic (Murray, 1978 series) #11 (September 1978)
Untitled (Batman)
Comic: Comic story
Superman Presents Superboy Comic (Murray, 1976 series) #114 (January 1979)
The Legion of Super-Villains (Superman)
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #2 (June 1979)
The Outcasts of the Seven Seas (Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Planet Series 2 (Murray, 1979 series) #3 (June 1979)
....? (World of Fear)
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #4 (December 1979)
The Perilous Pranks of the Gamester (Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Batman and Robin (Murray, 1978 series) #16 (June 1980)
The Web of the Spinner (Batman)
Comic: Comic story
Bumper Batcomic (Murray, 1978 series) #17 (June 1980)
The Zodiac Master (Batman's Bureau of Missing Villains)
Comic: Comic story
Shriek of Despair (Gredown/Boraig, 1983?) (1983)
Sahara Madness!
Comic: Comic story
Choke! Classic & Obscure Horror Comics (Unknown, 2002 series) #1 (2002)
The Thing from the Lake!
Comic: Comic story



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