Ross Andru United States

15 June 1927 in United States
9 November 1993 in United States
66 years
Credited for




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Who's Who of American Comic Books

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The Flash (Federal, 1983?) (July 1983)
Road to Oblivion (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
Justice League of America (Federal, 1983 series) #2 (July 1983)
Untitled (Justice League of America)
Comic: Cover
Super Heroes (Federal, 1983 series) #3 (August 1983)
The Mark of the Beast (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Federal, 1983 series) #4 (August 1983)
Mishmash (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
Superman (KGM, 1982 series) #4 (September 1983)
The Last Dance (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
Wonder Woman Album (Federal, 1983? series) (1983)
Chapter Two: My Sister, My Self! (Wonder Woman)
Comic: Comic story
Super Action (Federal, 1984 series) #1 (February 1984)
Vengeance of the Altered Man (Superman and Batman)
Comic: Cover
Federal Comics Starring Batman (Federal, 1983 series) #6 (February 1984)
Flashback (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
Superman (Federal, 1983 series) #7 (February 1984)
Untitled (Superman)
Comic: Cover
Super Action (Federal, 1984 series) #2 (March 1984)
Magic Menace this Way Comes! (Superman and Batman)
Comic: Cover



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