Pat Boyette United States

27 July 1923 in United States
14 January 2000 in United States
76 years
Credited for




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Who's Who of American Comic Books

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War Heroes (Murray, 1979 series) #5 (September 1980)
The Deadly Rain
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (Murray, 1980 series) #20 (1980)
The Coming of N'Hglthss (Claw the Unconquered)
Comic: Comic story
Jungle Jim (Yaffa/Page, 1980? series) #1 (1980)
The Strong Medicine of [Kizwilli!] (Jungle Jim)
Comic: Comic story
Invasion Forces (Murray, 1981?) (1981)
Commando Raid
Comic: Comic story
Western Album (Murray, 1981?) (1981)
The Violent Ones (Mr. Young of the Boothill Gazette)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales Album (Murray, 1981?) #19 (October 1981)
The Bloodspear (Claw the Unconquered)
Comic: Comic story
Space Wars (Gredown/Boraig, 1981?) (1981)
An Old Man
Comic: Comic story
Outlaws of the West (Murray, 1981?) (1981)
The Man Who Put Down Jesse James Cole Younger The Apache Kid
Comic: Comic story
Skulls of Death (Gredown, 1981?) (1981)
The Demon is Dying
Comic: Comic story
Deadly Omen (Gredown/Boraig, 1982?) (1982)
Who's Staying in the Secret Room?
Comic: Comic story



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