Charles Paris United States

25 September 1911 in United States
19 March 1994 in United States
82 years
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Charles S. Paris was a comic book artist who predominantly worked as an inker, mainly for DC Comics. Paris was born in 1911, and moved to New York City in 1934. In Spring 1941, Paris met Jack Lehti, and soon after began work inking and lettering Lehti's Crimson Avenger in the pages of Detective Comics. From there, Paris started work in the DC 'bullpen', inking characters such as Airwave, and later working on Vigilante and Johnny Quick, among other characters. (Biography from GCD.)

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Batman (Murray, 1982 series) #1 (December 1982)
The Sinister Snares of Stingaree (Metamorpho, The Element Man)
Comic: Comic story
Batman (Murray, 1982 series) #1 (December 1982)
They Came From Beyond? (Metamorpho, The Element Man)
Comic: Comic story



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