Gerry Conway United States

10 September 1952 in United States
67 years
Credited for



Also known as

Gerard Francis Conway

Francis X. Bushmaster (pen name)

Wallace Moore (pen name)

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Weird Mystery Tales (KG Murray, 1973? series) #24 (August 1976)
Bigger than a Breadbox
Comic: Comic story
Newton Triple Action (Newton, 1976? series) #1 (August 1976)
Blood Purge (Shanna, the She-Devil)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (KG Murray, 1975 series) #12 (September 1976)
Dark Tomorrow
Comic: Comic story
Bumper Batcomic (KG Murray, 1976 series) #4 (March 1977)
Showdown In San Lorenzo (The Creeper and Wildcat)
Comic: Comic story
The Flash Album (Murray, 1977? series) #14 (April 1977)
The End of the World! (The Flash; Hawkman)
Comic: Comic story
Giant Superman Album (KG Murray, 1973? series) #29 (May 1977)
Superman, You're Not Clark Kent--And I Can Prove It (Superman)
Comic: Comic story
Superman (KG Murray, 1977 series) #3 (May 1977)
The Parasite's Prism of Peril (Superman)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (KG Murray, 1975 series) #15 (June 1977)
The War that Time Forgot (Ka-Zar)
Comic: Cover
Savage Tales (KG Murray, 1975 series) #15 (June 1977)
The Billion Year War (Ka-Zar Lord of the Lost Jungle)
Comic: Comic story
Super Adventure Album (KGM, 1976 series) #5 (July 1977)
The Men Who Sold Destruction (Justice League of America)
Comic: Comic story



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