Joe Staton United States

19 January 1948 in United States
76 years
Credited for



Also known as

Joseph Thomas Staton

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
All Love Romantic Stories (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #2 (August 1972)
He's Perfect
Comic: Comic story
Secret Romance Library (KG Murray, 1973? series) #21 (February 1973)
Someday I'll Find You
Comic: Comic story
Super Giant (Sport Magazine, 1973 series) #5 (September 1973)
The Cat Lover
Comic: Comic story
Doomsday (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #11 (October 1973)
"Never" Is a Long Time
Comic: Comic story
Super Giant (KG Murray, 1974 series) #7 (January 1974)
A Handsome Devil
Comic: Comic story
Doomsday (KG Murray, 1973 series) #16 (August 1974)
Mirror of Yesterday (Dr. Graves)
Comic: Comic story
Heart to Heart Romance Library (KG Murray, 1974 series) #192 (September 1974)
Good-Bye Darling
Comic: Comic story
Magic Moment Romances (KG Murray, 1973 series) #105 (November 1974)
Comic: Comic story
Young Love (KG Murray, 1974 series) #20 (August 1975)
I Don't Care
Comic: Comic story
Pit of Evil (Gredown, 1975 series) v1#1 (October 1975)
I Can Sing Forever
Comic: Comic story



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