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Donaldson was a cartoonist and illustrator working for Smiths Weekly in the mid-1920s and thirties.

He drew the strip 'Cap'n Yonsson' for Smith's Weekly and the Sunday Telegraph.

In an English volume of British Empire comic art in the early 1930s, Donaldson received eight pages, compared to one page for other leading Australian newspaper artists.

His career was cut short when he lost his sight on a holiday in Tahiti. Despite recovering it in a few days, he was never in full health again.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Smith's Weekly (Smith's, 1919 series) v20#19 (9 July 1938)
Untitled (Cap'n Yonsson)
Newspaper: Comic story
Smith's Weekly (Smith's, 1919 series) v20#19 (9 July 1938)
Seeing the Winter Through
Newspaper: Cartoon
Smith's Weekly (Smith's, 1919 series) v20#45 (7 January 1939)
Safety Thirst (Cap'n Yonsson)
Newspaper: Comic story



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