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Moira Bertram: Queen of the Comics by Kevin Patrick (1 November 2008)

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Moira Bertram was born in Sydney, the daughter of a Sydney wool shipper.

While studying portrait painting under Antonio Dattilo Rubbo (1870–1955), Bertram began creating comics for her own enjoyment. Her fantasy adventure, Jo, debuted in Sydney's Daily Mirror on 8 January 1945. In June 1945, she signed an initial three-month contract with Frank Johnson, with Jo and Her Magic Cape appearing in Frank Johnson Publications until 1946.

KG Murray published Bertram's superhero Flameman in 1946. In 1949, she self-published the four-issue Red Finnegan with her sister Kathleen. Throughout the 1950s, she worked for Horwitz, Invincible and Calvert. She ceased comics work in the late 1950s.

Bertram also painted covers for Horwitz's 'Carter Brown' novels.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Tokyo's Secret Weapon (NSW Bookstall, 1944?) (1944)
Comic: Cover
Tokyo's Secret Weapon (NSW Bookstall, 1944?) (1944)
Tokyo's Secret Weapon (Jo and her Magic Cape)
Comic: Comic story
Pacific Bandits (OPC, 1945?) #C9 (February 1945)
Pacific Bandits (Jo)
Comic: Comic story
Universal Comics (Frank Johnson, 1945?) (1945)
The Bazaar of Mystery (Jo and her Magic Cape)
Comic: Comic story
Wizard Comics (Frank Johnson, 1946?) (1946)
Tigers over Burma (Jo and her Magic Cloak)
Comic: Cover
Wizard Comics (Frank Johnson, 1946?) (1946)
Comic: Comic story
Flameman Genie of the Sun (KGM, 1946?) (1946)
Untitled (Flameman and Tiny His Assistant)
Comic: Comic story
Fearless Comics (Frank Johnson, 1946?) (1946)
She-Devil (Jo and her Magic Cape)
Comic: Comic story
Triumph Comics (Frank Johnson, 1946?) (1946)
Head-Hunters (Jo)
Comic: Comic story
Adventure Comics (Frank Johnson, 1946?) (1946)
Black Jack Bushranger (Jo and her Magic Cape)
Comic: Comic story



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