Tex Blaisdell United States

30 March 1920 in United States
14 March 1999 in United States
78 years
Credited for



Also known as

Philip Eustace Blaisdell

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Batman and Robin (Murray, 1978 series) #17 (August 1980)
The Only Man Batman Ever Killed (Batman)
Comic: Comic story
Weird Mysteries (Murray, 1980 series) #44 (September 1980)
A Child's Garden of Graves
Comic: Comic story
Haunted Tales (Murray, 1977 series) #43 (January 1981)
Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend
Comic: Comic story
Super Heroes Album (Murray, 1977 series) #20 (May 1981)
I'm Going To Kill You, Flash--But Not Till I'm Good and Ready! (The Flash)
Comic: Comic story
The House of Mystery (Murray, 1981?) (July 1981)
The Midnight Ghost
Comic: Comic story
Superman Presents Super Heroes (Murray, 1981) (September 1981)
The Man from Yesterday! (Green Lantern)
Comic: Comic story
Superman Spectacular (Murray, 1981?) (1981)
Love and the Single Dog (Krypto, the Superdog)
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman and Captain Comet (Murray, 1982?) (February 1982)
Danger in Two Dimensions! (The Atom)
Comic: Comic story
Superman Supacomic (Murray, 1982 series) (1982)
A Superman's Best Friend Is His Superdog (Krypto)
Comic: Comic story
Orphan from Krypton (Murray, 1982) (1982)
Superboy Meets Clark Kent (Superboy Presents Strange Encounters of the First Time)
Comic: Comic story



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