William Edwin Pidgeon Australia

7 January 1909 in Australia
16 February 1981 in Australia
72 years
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Also known as

WEP (pen name)

Bill Pidgeon (common alternative)

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Pidgeon studied art at the J.S. Watkins School and East Sydney Technical College.

In 1925, he became a cadet artist on the Evening News (Sydney), then went to the Daily Guardian. He moved to the Sydney Sun when it acquired the Guardian, but the managing editor reportedly disliked his work and he was sacked. He moved to the Sunday News and The World, and later Smith’s Weekly.

Pidgeon is best known for his illustrations as WEP at The Australian Women’s Weekly illustrator, especially is long-running strip 'In and Out of Society’ (from 1933).

In the forties, Pidgeon provided illustrations for the service magazine Salt and Australia: National Journal. His war cartoons mainly appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph where he was also regular art critic, and became editorial cartoonist after the war.

As a painter, Pidgeon won the Archibald Prize three times (1958, 1961 and 1969).

After he retired from newspaper work, he continued to illustrate books.

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The Australian Women's Weekly (Sydney Newspapers Ltd., 1933 series) v20#18 (1 October 1952)
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