Irv Watanabe United States

10 February 1919 in United States
? January 1993 in United States?
73 years
Credited for


Also known as

Irving Watanabe

Irv W. (pen name)

Irving W. (pen name)

Irving Watt (pen name)

Hiloshi Watanabe (language name)

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Watanabe is a a letterer who did many covers,

Watanabe drew and lettered for Lev Gleason (1942-1945) before working extensively for Marvel, primarily as a letterer (1968-1982). He lettered many covers for Marvel, starting with Captain Marvel #40 and Chamber of Chills #18 (September 1975).

He also did lettering for Skywald (1971).

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Mighty Comic (Colour Comics, 1960 series) #75 (February 1970)
Die, Dream Girl--Die (Tales of the Mad Mod Witch)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #5 (October 1974)
Nightmare, the Monarch of Magical Menace Returns! (Doctor Strange)
Comic: Comic story
Savage Tales (Sport Magazine, 1972 series) #5 (October 1974)
Comic: Promo
The Incredible Hulk (Newton, 1974 series) #11 (November 1975)
Monster Triumphant (The Incredible Hulk)
Comic: Comic story
Captain Marvel (Newton, 1975) (1975)
The Alien and the Amphibian! (Captain Marvel)
Comic: Comic story
All Love Romantic Stories (KG Murray, 1974? series) #16 (February 1976)
When a Love Story Ends
Comic: Comic story
Omega the Unknown (Yaffa/Page, 1974? series) #1 (1976)
Burn while You Learn (Omega the Unknown)
Comic: Comic story
The Eternals (Yaffa, 1977? series) #2 (May 1977)
The Night of the Demons (The Eternals)
Comic: Comic story
The Rampaging Hulk (Yaffa, 1977 series) #1 (1977)
The Krylorian Conspiracy! (Hulk)
Comic: Comic story
Ghost Rider (Yaffa/Page, 1977 series) #9 (November 1977)
Nobody Beats the Enforcer (Ghost Rider)
Comic: Cover



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