John Romita United States

24 January 1930 in United States
93 years
Credited for



Also known as

John V. Romita

John Romita Sr. (pen name)

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John V. Romita Sr., often credited as simply John Romita. Entered the comics industry in 1949. His first work for Marvel was inking The Avengers #23 (December 1965). Romita became Marvel's art director in 1973.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Buffalo Bill (Transport, 1952? series) #37 (1954)
The Bradshaw Boys
Comic: Comic story
Kid Colt Outlaw (Transport, 1952 series) #28 (1954)
Whip Savage! (Kid Colt Outlaw)
Comic: Comic story
Captain America (Transport, 1954 series) #2 (1954)
Untitled [Mission to a POW Camp] (Captain America)
Comic: Comic story
Captain America (Transport, 1954 series) #2 (1954)
The Man with No Face! (Captain America)
Comic: Comic story
Romantic Love (Malian, 1951? series) #3 (1955)
Terror Stalked My Love
Comic: Comic story
Navy Action (Horwitz, 1954 series) #6 (April 1955)
The Deadly Decoy!
Comic: Comic story
Wild Western (Horwitz, 1955? series) #15 (May 1957)
The Kid from Nowhere
Comic: Comic story
Tales of Justice (Horwitz, 1957 series) #14 (March 1958)
The Outlaw Breed! (The Western Kid)
Comic: Illustration
Western Gunfighters (Horwitz, 1958? series) #10 (1958)
The Flaming Plains! (The Western Kid)
Comic: Comic story
Western Gunfighters (Horwitz, 1958? series) #11 (July 1958)
The Card Cheat (The Western Kid)
Comic: Comic story



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