Bill Everett United States

18 May 1917 in United States
27 February 1973 in United States
55 years
Credited for




Also known as

William Blake Everett

Bill Roman (pen name)

Blake Everett (pen name)

Everett Blake (pen name)

William Blake (pen name)

Willie Bee (pen name)

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Battle! (Transport, 1953 series) #15 (September 1954)
Blitzrieg Red Attack
Comic: Cover
Love Comics (Unknown, 1955? series) #5 (1955)
I Chose the Wrong Path
Comic: Comic story
Daredevil (Horwitz, 1965? series) #1 (1965)
The Origin of Daredevil (Daredevil)
Comic: Comic story
Ringo (Sport Magazine, 1967 series) #11 (March 1970)
The Passenger
Comic: Comic story
Western Adventure Library (Yaffa/Page, 1970 series) #4 (March 1971)
Comic: Comic story
Super Giant (Sport Magazine, 1973 series) #2 (March 1973)
All in a Day's Work
Comic: Comic story
Climax Adventure Comic (Sport Magazine, 1968 series) #13 (September 1973)
How Shall I Kill Thee? Let me Count the Ways (The Black Widow)
Comic: Comic story
Young Love (Sport Magazine, 1970 series) #13 (November 1973)
How Do I Make Him Love Me?
Comic: Comic story
Doomsday (KG Murray, 1973 series) #12 (December 1973)
The Greatest Magician of All
Comic: Comic story
Super Giant (KG Murray, 1974 series) #8 (March 1974)
--And, Soon Shall Come: The Enchanters! (The Mighty Thor)
Comic: Comic story



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