Russ Heath United States

29 September 1926 in United States
23 August 2018 in United States
91 years
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Also known as

Russel Jr Heath

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Vampirella (Murray, 1978 series) #51 (August 1978)
Choice Cuts
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #1 (September 1978)
The Human Tidal Wave (Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Battle Action Album (Murray, 1977 series) #14 (1979)
The Iron Hand (Sgt. Rock)
Comic: Comic story
Weird Mystery Tales (Murray, 1977 series) #39 (May 1979)
The Three GIs!
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #3 (June 1979)
The Sea Devils Vs. The Octopus Man (Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Vault of Evil (Yaffa, 1978? series) #2 (1979)
What Happened to Mister Snively?
Comic: Comic story
Tales of the Zombie (Yaffa/Page, 1979 series) #4 (1980)
Who Walks with a Zombie?
Comic: Comic story
Aquaman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #5 (1980)
The Golden Monster! (The Sea Devils)
Comic: Comic story
Super Heroes Album (Murray, 1977 series) #17 (August 1980)
Invasion of the Ice People (Superman and Wonder Woman)
Comic: Comic story
Air Force Heroes (Murray, 1981) (September 1981)
A Jet's No Pet!
Comic: Comic story



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