G. C. Bleeck Australia

1907 in Australia?
1971 in Australia?
63-64 years
Credited for


Also known as

Gordon Clive Bleeck

Ace Carter (pen name)

Belli Luigi (pen name)

Brad Cordell (pen name)

C. Gordon (pen name)

C. M. O'Neil (pen name)

Carol Delaney (pen name)

Clive Gordon (pen name)

Colt Denby (pen name)

Dink Lawson (pen name)

Garry Whalen (pen name)

Gary Whalen (pen name)

Hank Brody (pen name)

John Ellis (pen name)

Johnny Nelson (pen name)

Kid Colt (pen name)

Lane Kent (pen name)

Link Emmett (pen name)

M. H. Anstee (pen name)

Marshall Grover (pen name)

Nicole Leslie (pen name)

Paul Valdez (pen name)

Pete Merle (pen name)

Sharon Parker (pen name)

Vic Kenslow (pen name)

Wolf Herscholt (pen name)

Clive Bleeck (common alternative)

G. C. B. (common alternative)

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Bleeck wrote for Horwitz and Cleveland under numerous pseudonyms.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Death Has No Weight (Transport, 1949?) (June 1949)
Death Has No Weight
Pulp novel: Text story
Cosmic Calamity (Transport, 1949) (September 1949)
Cosmic Calamit (Bill Duggan)
Pulp novel: Text story
Lightning Crime (Transport, 1949?) (October 1949)
Lightning Crime (Bill Duggan)
Pulp novel: Text story
The Mummy Walks (Transport, 1950) (January 1950)
The Mummy Walks (Bill Duggan)
Pulp novel: Text story
Toppling Terror (Transport, 1950?) (March 1950)
Toppling Terror
Pulp novel: Text story
Thrills Incorporated (Transport, 1950 series) #1 (March 1950)
Space Race
Pulp novel: Text story
The Glowing Globe (Transport, 1950) (April 1950)
The Glowing Globe
Pulp novel: Text story
Sports Shorts (Calvert, 1950? series) #5 (May 1950)
Dynamite Goes Up!
Pulp novel series: Text story
Thrills Incorporated (Transport, 1950 series) #3 (May 1950)
Rogue Robot
Pulp novel: Text story
Crime Flies (Transport, 1950) (June 1950)
Crime Flies
Pulp novel: Text story



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