Bob Rozakis United States

4 April 1951 in United States
69 years
Credited for




Also known as

Robert H. Rozakis

Boris Zabok (pen name)

Ted P. Skimmer (pen name)

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Giant Superman Album (Murray, 1978? series) #33 (July 1978)
Clark Kent's Lonely Christmas (The Private Life of Clark Kent)
Comic: Comic story
Giant Superman Album (Murray, 1978? series) #34 (October 1978)
Superman, 2001 (Superman)
Comic: Comic story
Bumper Batcomic (Murray, 1978 series) #10 (October 1978)
Startling Secret of the Devilish Daughters (Robin the Teen Wonder and Batgirl)
Comic: Comic story
Superman Presents Supergirl Comic (Murray, 1977 series) #31 (November 1978)
A Superman's Best Friend Is His Superdog (Krypto the Superdog; Mr Mxyzptlk)
Comic: Comic story
Wonder Woman Album (Murray, 1978? series) #6 (December 1978)
Paradise in Peril (Wonder Woman)
Comic: Comic story
Superman the Comic (Murray, 1978 series) #1 (December 1978)
The Origin of Superman (Superman)
Comic: Cover reprint
Bumper Batcomic (Murray, 1978 series) #11 (January 1979)
The Fiddler’s Concert of Crime! (The Teen Titans)
Comic: Comic story
Batman Album (Murray, 1978 series) #41 (January 1979)
Slow Down--and Die (Batman)
Comic: Comic story
Giant Superman Album (Murray, 1978? series) #35 (February 1979)
The Toughest Newsboy in Town (The Amazing Exploits of Perry White)
Comic: Comic story
Batman and Robin (Murray, 1978 series) #13 (April 1979)
Till Death Do Us Part (Batgirl and Robin)
Comic: Comic story



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