Bob Correa United States

7 June 1919 in Puerto Rico
3 February 2001 in United States?
81 years
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Bob Correa western illustration (1958?-1965?)

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Correa moved to New York as a child, where he attended grammar school and appears to have spent most of his life. He was studying to be an architect when he was drafted on 16 September 1940 and served a private in the Coast Artillery Corps.

Correa early comics work around 1951 was influence by Alex Raymond.

His earliest comics work was for Lev Gleason (1951-1953) and he is believed to have worked for the Majestic Studios (~1953-1955) providing crime and horror comics for Trojan. He did romance comics for Better (~1952-1953), romance and crime for Fawcett (1952-1953), romance for Ribage (1953-1954), and horror for Atlas/Marvel (1953-1955). He often provided full pen and ink artwork.

Correa's most significant comics contribution was extensive adventure and western comics at Western for Dell (1953-1959), particularly its Four Color series. He is particularly known for his work on Zorro and Turok Son of Stone.

After leaving the comics industry, Correa provided illustrations for pulps. He had provided interior illustrations for men's magazines from at least 1952, focusing especially on Stanley Publications pulp men's adventure from 1958 to 1962.

Correa subsequently moved into commercial illustration, with possibly most work not credited or identified.

He is credited for illustrations in the two volumes John Scarne's 100 More of Scarne's Magic Tricks (1963) and 100 More of Scarne's Magic Tricks (1964, Cornerstone Library, NY). He designed record covers for Nostalgia Lane, including the (non-music) recordings Pardon My Blooper! Best of the Bloopers (~1974), The Best of W.C. Fields (1978) and Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Six Napoleons and The Case of the Norwood Builder (~1982).

Other credited work includes Stuart James' children's book The Friendly Alligator (American Consumer, 1974) and the cover of Popular Publications' Argosy v386#3 (October 1977).

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Zane Grey's (Atlas, 1955 series) #9 (April 1955)
Zane Grey's Shadow on the Trail
Comic: Comic story
Popular Pictorial (Junior Readers, 1956 series) #9 (June 1957)
Luke Short's Six Gun Ranch
Comic: Comic story
Bombers B-52 (J. R. Press, 1958?) (June 1958)
No Sleep Till Dawn
Comic: Comic story
Turok Son of Stone (Rosnock, 1973) #23022 (1973)
The Exiled Cave Men
Comic: Comic story
Turok Son of Stone (Rosnock, 1973) #23022 (1973)
Strange Waters
Comic: Comic story
Turok Son of Stone (Rosnock, 1974) #24052 (1974)
The Giant Ape (Turok Son of Stone)
Comic: Comic story



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