Adolfo Usero Spain

3 April 1941 in Spain
78 years
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Adolfo Usero Abellán

Adolfo Abellán (pen name)

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Usero began his artistic career sharing a studio with Carlos Giménez and Esteban Maroto. He worked initially on advertising and illustration (Triunfo). Around 1963, he joined Selecciones Ilustradas and provided the British market with war and western comics. By the mid-sixties, he was working on romance for Fleetway's Mirabelle and Romeo. He began working for the German market (Roy Tiger) through Bardon Art and José Ortega's agency.

In 1968, Usero collaborated with Esteban Maroto on 5 x Infinito and took over Delta 99 from Carlos Giménez. He created Roldán sin Miedo (1972) with author Victor Mora for Bruguera.

In the mid-seventies, he drew horror comics for Warren, while working for the UK market (Commando, Debbie, Spellbound) and developing satirical strips for Amaika in Spain.

In 1981 he collaborated with writer Felipe Hernández on El Domingo Rojo and with artist Luis García on Argelia, while contributing to Cimoc. He undertook his significant historical series Maese Espada in 1982, which was finally published in complete form by Glénat in 2006.

Despinte some comics work over subsequent years, Usero has since worked mainly in animation (storyboards), advertising and character design.

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Australian printings by date (Try a search for more information)    
Ringo (Sport Magazine, 1967 series) #12 (June 1970)
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (KG Murray, 1974 series) #2 (December 1974)
An Excuse for Violence
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (KG Murray, 1974 series) #6 (August 1975)
A Stranger in Eternity
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (KG Murray, 1974 series) #7 (October 1975)
Innsmouth Festival
Comic: Comic story
Vampirella (KG Murray, 1974 series) #22 (December 1975)
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (KG Murray, 1974 series) #8 (December 1975)
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (KG Murray, 1974 series) #21 (May 1977)
Holy War
Comic: Comic story
Creepy (Murray, 1978 series) #29 (November 1978)
A Descent into the Maelstrom
Comic: Comic story
Wild Western Action (Gredown, 1980?) (1981)
Mike's Dream
Comic: Comic story
Deadly Omen (Gredown/Boraig, 1982?) (1982)
Little Red Riding Hood in the Woods
Comic: Comic story



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