Anthony Tollin United States

20 February 1952 in United States
68 years
Credited for


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Who's Who of American Comic Books

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Giant Superman Album (Murray, 1978? series) #41 (September 1980)
Alakazam... It's Magic (The Private Life of Clark Kent)
Comic: Comic story
Raven (Murray, 1983?) (1983)
No title recorded (Raven, The New Teen Titans)
Comic: Cover
Super Heroes (Federal, 1983 series) #3 (August 1983)
Words Never Spoken (Legion of Super-Heroes)
Comic: Comic story
Batman (Federal, 1982 series) #7 (December 1983)
Introducing the Diabolical Dr. Death (Batman)
Comic: Cover
Batman (Federal, 1982 series) #8 (January 1984)
Untitled (Batman and Robin)
Comic: Cover
Federal Comics Starring Batman (Federal, 1983 series) #6 (February 1984)
Trade Heroes...and Win! (Batman, The Flash)
Comic: Cover
Justice League of America (Federal, 1983 series) #5 (June 1984)
A Stalker from the Stars (Justice League of America)
Comic: Cover
Superman (Federal, 1983 series) #10 (June 1984)
Superman's History-Changing Mission (Superman)
Comic: Comic story
The Legion of Super-Heroes (Federal, 1984 series) #6 (July 1984)
Untitled (Legion of Super Heroes)
Comic: Cover
Infinity Inc. (Federal, 1984 series) #1 (August 1984)
Generations (Infinity Inc.)
Comic: Comic story



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