Federal Publishing

Introducing the Federal Publishing Company

Between 1983 and 1986, the Federal Publishing Company (FPC) reprinted contemporary DC and Marvel comics, occasionally dipping into a backlist of stories acquired from the K. G. Murray Publishing Company.

FPC was a new publishing division of Hannanprint, formed through the acquisition of leisure and special interest publications from ACP Publishing, the company that acquired Murray from its founding family in 1972. Hannanprint's Eastern Suburbs Newspapers (subsequently ESN The Litho Centre) also became the printers for the comics at that time.

Federal initially maintained continuity with Murray's line of DC reprints, continuing the numbering of some titles and briefly using "Murray the Cat" branding—although this quickly converted to a distinctive "Federal Comics" logo. In mid-1984, Federal's branding was supplanted by "Australian Edition DC" and, finally, the standard DC Comics logo in mid-1985 .

Publisher trade names

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  Trade name Titles Issues Indexed Covers
Australia Egmont FPC Pty Ltd
1994 – 1995
8 (6 comics) 32 (28 comics) 0.0 % (0 of 32) 25.0 % (8 of 32)
Australia The Federal Publishing Company Proprietary Limited
161 (142 comics) 513 (455 comics) 41.7 % (214 of 513) 85.6 % (439 of 513)