Battle of the Sounds [competition] Advertisement

Thousands of Albums to Win… Each Friday from 7th June to 23rd August we'll draw 500 entries… 100 from each of the following areas:- QLD/NSW-ACT/VIC-TAS/SA-NT/WA. 12 Weeks of winners! …How to Enter. Enter with any of these Great taste sensations:- Violet Crumble, Minties, Jaffas, Kit Kat, Aero, Fantales, Smarties, Polly Waffle, Drifter. You may enter with any 'Rowntree Hoadley Limited' product.




Comics with this advertisement will probably have been published between May and August. The contest closed 30 August 1985 (although it is not clear what they did with entries received after the final draw on Friday 23 August!).

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