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1 January 1944
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Leon Gellert

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John Lee (design)
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E. J. Francis
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Extract: "We have always derived an immense satisfaction from official lists of all kinds. The magnificent juxtapositions achieved therein are equalled only by the names used. For this and other reasons, we have pored closely over the list of magazines banned by the Commonwealth Government in its endeavours to save dollar exchange, and not without profit. Many of the magazines had not swum into our ken before. For example, we had had no idea that there was such a periodical as Amazing Mystery Funnies . We are now seized with a burning desire to read it, even to become a subscriber. How are amazing mysteries made funny? Which aspect is stressed? We derive no information from the heading under which the stern Commonwealth places this publication, viz., ‘comic strips, pictorial strips and pulls. Nor can we find out anything from the rest of the list under this head. It includes the Amazing Man Comics’ (another puzzler that). ‘Broncho Bill’, ‘Comics on Parade . ‘Cowboy Comics’, ‘Ella Cinders’ (who’s she?), 'Flash Comics', 'Fun Comics' (that one sounds good), 'Funnies', 'The Keen Detective Funnies' (which also has us by the throat), 'The Little Mary Mix Up’ (surely that one should be listed under medical journals), 'Mystery Men Comics'. 'New Adventure Comics', 'Smash Comics', 'Speed Comics', 'Super Comics', 'Wags', 'Crackajack Funnies' and '1,000 New Jokes'. * * * * The list has left us on our toes. To think that we have learned all this too late! We wish now we had voted against Mr. Menzies. Curtin and Evatt, we feel, would not have banned the fascinating, tantalizing Ella Cinders . This is the sort of thing that turns respectable men into boot-leggers. Anyway, how did the Customs know there was such a magazine as ‘Keen Detective Funnies’? A new world has opened to us, just as it is closed for the duration. Beside the comics, the section headed ‘Western and Similar Fiction’ presents a poorish selection of titles. Amazing Stories’ has not the appeal of ‘The Little Mary Mix Up’. On the other hand, there is some hope for 'The Avenger'. 'The Complete Cowboy' (weekly), 'Daredevil Aces', 'Dime Western', 'Doc Savage', 'Famous Fantastic Mysteries', 'Fast Action', 'G8 and his Battle Aces', 'The Gun Smoke Western', 'The Quick Trigger', 'Six Gun Western', 'Sky Devils', 'Sky Aces', 'Sky Raiders', 'Startling Stories', 'Thrilling Wonder Stories' —and so on. But having found in the list, 'The Six Gun Western', we admit to being troubled to find also a mere 'Two Gun Western'. (Pansy, my boy. Bring me the lariat and strap on those two sub-machine guns under my arms. And don’t forget the automatic to stick in each foot.) We were pleased, however, with one western, which appears coyly under the title 'Unknown'. On the whole, we feel that the wartime generation of youth is going to grow up without that proper pasture improvement which is its right. The defect shall be remedied. Take notice that we shall shortly start publication of 'Another Redskin Weekly', 'Bite-the-Dust Wondergraphs', 'Palefaces Revenge Monthly', 'Big Chief Gooseflesh Amazing Action Comics', and a few others. Under the simple, discreet but all embracing title of Love, the Commonwealth (dear, darling Commonwealth) bans the following, inter alia: ‘Love Tales, Complete Love, Cowboy Romances, Love Book, Love Fiction, ‘Monthly Love Story’. ‘Magazine Love Tales, ‘Popular Love, Ranch Romances, Romance Round-up, Ro mantic Love Secrets’ Sweetheart Stories’, ‘Thrilling Love’. ‘True Confessions’. ‘True Experiences’ (we like that subtle variation). ‘True Romances’. ‘Variety Love Stories —oh! and lots of others. Never have we encountered so aphrodisiac a set of titles. They simply crawl up and down your spine and tickle your ears and say Oozy-woozy . The truly regrettable thing is that not one of them had the inventive genius of the Commonwealth Customs Department. Not one of them thought of producing a magazine simply and perfectly called ‘LOVE’. We, ourselves, will remedy that deficiency shortly. We shall also publish ‘Tickly Love Stories’, ‘Untrue Love, Passion Weekly, The Cowboy Push Over’. ‘Romances of the Milking Bails’, ‘The Fuller Brush Complete Story Book’, ‘The Detective Love Annual’, and (as a standby) ‘How to Herd Cows and be a G-Man’. If sales are encouraging we shall launch out into ‘The Oomph and It Weekly’ and The Dime Key hole’. Then we shall apply for a protective tariff. Oomph and It Weekly’ and The Dime Key hole’. Then we shall apply for a protective tariff.


This feature is composed of comments on current news and happenings, including a list of comics and other magazines banned to save dollar exchange during wartime.


"A Sydney Morning Herald Publication". Issued once a month.

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