Douglas F. Maxted

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50 Falcon Avenue, Mile End, S.A.

1947? – 1948?
1947? – 1948?


Doug Maxted was born in England in 1914 and immigrated to Australia in 1925 from London at 11 years of age. He became an active part of the Adelaide comics scene, creating numerous comics in the late 1940s and early 1950s. He studied drawing at Adelaide's School of Arts and won the Dr. Charles Fenner prize for cartoon or caracture in 1944. He studied art under Ivor Hele and Millward Grey, meeting Phillip Wearne and Max Judd at Grey's classes and then working with them for publisher H.E. Hoffman (1945-1950?). He self-published his comics around 1947 to 1949 and also contributed to Lush Studios (1948?) publications. After 1950 he working as a commercial artist for several advertising agencies before becoming Art Director for book publisher Rigby Limited in 1958. He immigrated to England in 1963, working for DC Thompson but primarily for IPC magazines. He returned to Australia in 1983 and died in 1999. For further information, see

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Australia Ben Barbary Bushranger (Maxted, 1947)
([1947]) 0.0 % (0 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)
Australia Bushranger Comics (Maxted, 1947)
([1947]) 0.0 % (0 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)