The Comet Publishing Co., Ltd.

The Comet Publishing Co., Ltd. is the publisher name printed on these comics. Other series associated with this publisher might have a variation or an unexpected publisher name printed in the comic.



12 O'Connoll St., Sydney.



In March 1936, Robert Westfield Snr and Robert ('Bobby') Westfield Jnr registered Comet Publishing Co., Ltd. to 'carry on the business of proprietors and publishers of newspapers, magazines, etc', with a nominal capital of £5000 in £1 shares. ['New Companies' (17 March 1936). Daily Commercial News and Shipping List (Sydney, NSW: 1891-1954), p. 3. Retrieved 23 October 2017, from]

Westfield Snr was the proprietor and publisher of 'The Commonwealth Trades Alphabet', an advertising booklet distributed free to schools that contained an illustrated alphabet promoting Australian products. Generations of chidren used this booklet for school projects, writing to manufacturers for samples and building brand loyalty. After initiating the idea in New Zealand in 1920 as a British Empire Trades Alphabet, Westfield brought the concept to New South Wales in 1920, before expandig to other states. Various state-based and national editions were published until about 1972 with the backing of chambers of manufacturing, teachers' federations and government education authorities.

His son Bobby was a Rugby Union full-back who had represented Australia and NSW. Bobby became sporting editor for the new children's paper, 'The Comet', ensuring the series focused on sports beginning with the 'Stars of Australian Sport Album' released with the first issue to store photos of sports stars provided in each issue.

As suggested by the company's name, it appears to have been created solely to publish 'The Comet'. The magazine's editor was Grant W. Laver (from Melbourne), with contibutions from authors and artists such as Edward Vivian Timms, Fred Coleman, Syd Nicholls, Margaret D. Kinnear, Roger Kildare and Paul King.

After publishing around 18 issues from April to August 1936, the company was liqudated on 1 September 1936. ['Advertising' (4 September 1936). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842-1954), p. 1. Retrieved 23 October 2017, from]

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