Advertiser Newspapers Ltd.

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121 King William Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

1858? – ?
1953 – 1955


The Adelaide Advertiser was first published as a broadsheet titled The South Australian Advertiser on 12 July 1858. On 1 April 1889, the main publication was re-branded as The Advertiser.

In 1929, the Advertiser was sold and the The Herald and Weekly Times gained a controlling stake.

The Advertiser came under majority ownership of the Murdoch family in the 1950s and was fully acquired by Rupert Murdoch in 1987. Advertiser Newspapers Ltd remains a Newscorp subsidiary.

During the mid 1950s, the Advertiser briefly introduced colour on its comics page. On Thursday 21 May 1953, it published the first Australian issue of Eagle, with a preview on pages 2 and 5 of the Advertiser that day (

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Australia Eagle Magazine (Advertiser, 1953 series)
Comic series
v1#1 (1953) to v2#37 (1955) 2.2 % (2 of 89) 100.0 % (89 of 89)