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United States

Universal Publishing & Distributing Corporation

117 East 31st St.

New York, New York 10016

1947? – 1992


In 1954, Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp. ended its previous digest size paperbacks and started the mass-market size Beacon Books imprint devoted to love novels. Until 1959, it was the only sexually-oriented line of its type on the market.

Universal was also the first mass market pulp publisher of Science Fiction. It is most known for contining the line of Galaxy Science Fiction Novels in 1959. The books were branded "Galaxy Prize Selections", but were numbered as Beacon Books. In about 1971, Universal acquired Galaxy Magazine. During that period, it faced ongoing industrial disputes for reprinting stories without paying the authors.

Universal did not publish comics, but some of its Beacon books were reprinted in Australia by a subsidiary of K. G. Murray, Magazine Services Pty. Ltd.

Books and series

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  Title Published % with index % with cover
United States Never Leave My Bed (Beacon, 1963)
Book one-shot
(1963) 100.0 % (1 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)
United States Secret Lusts (Beacon, 1962?)
Book one-shot
#B475F K ([1962?]) 0.0 % (0 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)
United States Stranger in Her Bed (Beacon, 1963?)
Book one-shot
#B593F ([1963?]) 100.0 % (1 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)
United States That Kind of Widow (Beacon, 1963)
Book one-shot
#B590F (1963) 0.0 % (0 of 1) 100.0 % (1 of 1)