Lilliput Productions Pty. Ltd.

Lilliput Productions Pty. Ltd. is the publisher name printed on these comics. Other series associated with this publisher might have a variation or an unexpected publisher name printed in the comic.



369 George Street, Sydney (in comic)

Abercrombie Street, Chippendale (in correspondence by Customs)

Cressy Street and Emanuel Lane, Rosebery (in newspaper 1952--production?)

1948? – 1974?
1948? – 1952?
Young's Merchandising


There are some indications Lilliput Productions is associated with Ayers and James/Magazine Management. One issue of Tiny Tots Tales in Pictures has been reported (possibly incorrectly) as published by Ayers and James.

The only comic publisher known to have an address in Abercrombie Street, Chippendale is Young's Merchandising Company, which also had some association with Magazine Management. Tiny Tots included advertisements for a toy company that also had extended comic-style advertisements in some Young's comics. These advertisements look like they are selling products a different divison of the publisher's company.

Lilliput's Bulldog Brandon Comics was drawn by Peter Chapman, who at this time was doing work for these associated publishers: Ayers and James ('Captain Lester Burton, G-Man' for Famous Yank Comics, 1950-1951) and The Invisible Avenger (Illustrated Publications, 1950-1952).

In 1959, Lilliput arranged to import four million backdated US comics and entered into a deal with Woolworths to sell them at discount rates (8d, rather than 1/-). Industry rivals (K.G. Murray, Australian Consolidated Press, Gordon & Gotch and the Newsagents Association) complained to the federal government that the arrangement was illegal dumping and unfair competition. The complaint was decided in Lilliput's favour in December 1960. (

Lilliput Productions was an importer of magazines from at least 1951. It also published children's books and colouring books.

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Australia Bulldog Brandon Comics (Lilliput, 1950? series)
Comic series
#1 (1950?) to #3 (1950?) 0.0 % (0 of 3) 33.3 % (1 of 3)
Australia Tiny Tots Tales in Pictures (Lilliput, 1950? series)
Comic series
nn (1950?) to nn (1952?) 4.8 % (1 of 21) 47.6 % (10 of 21)