Vumps Proprietors

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195 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Box 1459, G.P.O., Sydney.



From 1895 to 1916, Hector Lamond was editor and subsequently manager of the Australian Worker, published by the Australian Workers' Union. A number of Vumps contributors were also staff members at The Worker, including J.F. Higgins, Bob Cassidy ('Gilrooney') and Claude Marquet. While The Worker promoted and printed Vumps, 'the paper ha no connection with The Worker' ['To Correspondents' (1 October 1908). The Worker (Wagga, NSW: 1892-1913), p. 19. Retrieved 26 October 2017, from]

It is unclear if Vumps was Lamond's initiative and what company, if any, was behind the paper.

Prior to 1908, the publication address of 195 Castlereagh Street appears to have been a private residence. From August to December 1908, the Freeman's Labour Agency was operating at 195 Castlereagh Street. From late December 1908, 193-195 Castlereagh Street is the the address of 'The Watchman' Newspaper, 'a weekly journal of social, political and religious progress', from December 1908. Reported to be printed and published by Jabes Alexander Packer for the Watchman Newspaper Ltd. (1902-1926), the paper was an official organ of the Australian Protestant Defence Association.

The Melbourne agent for Vumps, Mr W.T. Burbury of 354 Flinders Street, was also the Melbourne agent for The Worker.

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