Tony Martin Sales Pty Ltd

Tony Martin Sales Pty Ltd is a generic name used for this publisher where the specific printed name is not logged in the AusReprints database. The printed publisher name might be different.



Terrey Hills, NSW

1978? – 1992


Proceedings began on 17 September 1992 by Continental American

Corporation to the Supreme Court of New South Wales for this company (ACN 001 574 250) to be wound up. [23 October 1992, Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW: 1901-2001), p. 7928. Retrieved June 23, 2019, from].

On the same day, Continental American Corporation also applied to wind up A.C.N. 052 125 970 Pty Limited (formerly known as Pioneer Balloon Australia Pty Limited). Continental American Corporation was a US company trading in balloons, advertising and toys. One report suggests 'it offers a variety of products, including ribbon, mugs and glassware and balloons.'

Pioneer Balloon Company continues to operate as the largest manufacture of latex and Microfoil balloons in the United States. It has a licence to produce balloons with images of the Smurfs.

Tony Martin Sales was deregistered as a defunct company in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. P9, Thursday 30 March 1995.

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Australia Stories of the Smurfs by Peyo (Tony Martin, 1978)
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