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Do they exist?

The National, NSW and Monash libraries have Captain Silver Flash #3 and it's turned up for sale recently. But not #1&2. Do you have them?

21 Oct 2017

34,000 Australian comics listed

This landmark is the last Southdown collection of Boofhead strips, after News Ltd acquired the remnants of Ezra Norton's Invincible Press.

18 Oct 2017

Can you help Boofhead?

Most covers and data are missing from the reprint series of the iconic Australian newspaper strip by R.B. Clark. Who has more?

18 Oct 2017

May Gibbs' Bib and Bub

These Christmas books collect original Australian newspaper strips, drawn in the UK comic tradition of illustrations with rhyming text.

17 Oct 2017

NSW Bookstall

A total of 43 comics are documented, with little information on most issues. Can you add scans or more information?

24 Sep 2017

Emile Mercier during the war

Dags & Co looks like a newspaper strip and was clearly created mid WWII. But what newspaper published it first?

22 Jul 2017

What else was Keith Chatto doing?

Prolific Australian comic and cover artist Keith Chatto drew many covers for Page's pocket-size puzzle books in the 1970s. Here's a few.

11 Apr 2017

Yaffa's DC Thomson reprints

From 1979, DC Thomson reprinted some multi-part weekly serials in Red Dagger. Yaffa published many of the war stories as one-shots.

10 Apr 2017

22,000 Australian covers

This cover, likely by prolific Horwitz regular Maurice Bramley, marks 20,000 Australian covers in the database.

5 Apr 2017

Stan Pitt & American SF

Prolific Australian comic artist Stanley Pitt painted many pulp magazine covers. Here's a gallery of 1950s science fiction covers.

4 Mar 2017

Can you add to Wags?

Information is sparse on the landmark Wags, with UK and Australian information confused. Let me know details of any issues you can access!

26 Feb 2017

Which came first?

Is the striking Finnish alternative to the cover of Ringo #1 a later reworking? Or is KG Murray's print an amended, stripped down version?

22 Feb 2017

Unusual cover sources 9

Spain's Jorge Sampere, who doesn't seem to have worked directly in comics, provides the cover for this Charlton reprint collection.

19 Feb 2017

Unusual cover sources 8

Another Jordi Longarón painting from UK's Fleetway is reused for this KG Murray collection of US reprints.

19 Feb 2017

Unusual cover sources 7

Spanish artist Jorge Longaron's painting, used by Fleetway in the UK in 1966, turns up on this 1980s collection of Charlton reprints.

19 Feb 2017

Unusual cover sources 6

Spain's Ramón de la Fuente, the artist most known for Sunday in KG Murray's Ringo series, provides this Gredown cover.

18 Feb 2017

Unusual cover sources 5

KG Murray wrapped this collection of Charlton science fiction and super hero reprints in a cover also used in Spain and Italy.

18 Feb 2017

Bluey and Curley Up-Dated

Alex Gurney's iconic Australian reordered and re-dated, now close to correct, thanks to a few dated issues and some distinctive ads.

11 Feb 2017

Unedited in Australia

Freas unchanged painting was used by Yaffa, rather than the version used by Marvel and Newton, amended by Romita.

22 Jan 2017

Unusual cover reprints part 2

There is a cluster of Gredown covers later printed in the Bosnian 'Marvel Strip'—as well as two Murray covers!

20 Jan 2017

Unusual cover reprints part 1

The source is still unknown, but there's an interesting reworked reprint from Norway

20 Jan 2017

Unusual cover sources part 5

An image signed Rolando Del Roto has been sold as art by Rafael Cortiella, originally published by Norma

20 Jan 2017

Unusual cover sources part 4

Probably by a Spanish artist (perhaps at Norma), the earliest identified printing is in Germany with a later printing in France.

23 Dec 2016

Unusual cover sources part 3

This painted cover, uncommon for KG Murray, is by a Spanish artist and previously printed by a German publisher—more like Gredown.

21 Dec 2016

Growing Gredown appreciation

This Gredown magazine, lucky to get a buyer a few years back, recently sold for $203.50 on eBay.

19 Dec 2016

Sports Pictorial Magazine

This extremely rare KG Murry series created in Australia is corrected and updated.

19 Dec 2016

Yaffa: New cover, but a reprint

Without a list of contents, it is impossible to pick a new Yaffa reprint from a reprint of previously used material.

16 Nov 2016

Yaffa: Cover reused, but not a reprint

Evidence that you can't judge a book by its cover, especially if it is from Yaffa.

16 Nov 2016

Tracking down Gredown?

There's a growing collector's market for Gredown. Here are all the issues we now know exist.

14 Nov 2016

Unusual cover sources Pt 2

An illustration from a US woman's magazine of the 50s or 60s is used on this cover.

13 Nov 2016

Unusual cover sources Pt 1

A contemporary movie still, probably not used on any US comic, promotes this Australian reprint.

13 Nov 2016

Spanish romance from the UK

Many Murray romance comics reprint IPC/Fleetway and here's a rare identifed source from the largely undocumented Valentine.

13 Nov 2016

Our longest running title

With the recent mammoth catch up, AusReprints has Phantom covers up to this month and firm dates for many issues.

13 Nov 2016

Peter Hypnos only in Australia

Some stories were published by US Warren, others published in Spain, but there's a couple that have turned up only here.

13 Nov 2016

4000 complete indexes

The 4000th complete listing is Love and Romance Library #241 from Page Publications.

16 Oct 2016

20,000 Australian covers

The cover of Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #17-01 (Rosnock) marks 20,000 covers.

17 Dec 2015

30,000 Australian comics listed

Cowgirl Comic #3 (Cowgirl Romances) marks 30,000 Australian comics identified in the database

7 Aug 2014

Dating OPC

Some rare evidence for dating Hurricane Comic from the Offset Printing Company.

26 Feb 2014

Renovation time

AusReprints has undergone a radical update and a brief recap of its history to celebrate passing 10 years.

11 Feb 2014

15,000 Australian covers

The cover of Rin Tin Tin Giant Edition #3 (Jubilee Publications) weighs in at position number 15,000.

1 Feb 2014

H. John Edwards & Action Comics

H. John Edwards, Action Comics and other related publications have now been grouped, with a brief historical introduction.

28 Apr 2013

AusReprints is ten years old

The first static web pages went live late April 2003, before the site was converted to a database in December 2003.

26 Apr 2013

3000 complete indexes

With Illustrated Romantic Story for Young Women #3, AusReprints now has complete information on 3000 Australian comics.

28 Feb 2012

Now 10,000 Australian covers

With 1000 covers added in just over a month, Straight Arrow Comics #14 from The Red Circle Press marks number 10,000.

18 Feb 2012

9000th Australian cover

Muggsy Mouse #46 from New Century Press is the 9000th Australian cover on AusReprints.

5 Jan 2012

8000th cover added

Adventures of Mighty Mouse #18, a rare dated Australian comic from September 1955, is cover number 8000.

18 Sep 2011

Secrets of Ayers & James

Some secrets of Ayers & James uncovered. What does it have to do with Magazine Management and other publishers?

20 Jul 2011

7000th cover added

The wartime Yank Comics in Color one-shot from Ayers & James Pty. Ltd. brings the database to 7000 covers.

16 Jul 2011

Atlas publications grouped

Atlas Publications grouped and promoted to the main menu, with the majority of its comics output now listed.

9 Apr 2011

6000th cover added

At cover position 7000 is Red Warrior #4 by Jubilee Publications, part of Magazine Management.

5 Apr 2011